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FANCARD-Clubcard (Season 2023/24)

FANCARD-Clubcard (Season 2023/24)

All price
4.00 €
If you don´t have your clubcard yet please fill in the columns below for registration

Clubcard – advantages for the fans:

Referential tickets
Early bird pre-emption for the high prioroty matches (for example. DAC-Slovan, European cup matches)
Can be used as Cashless card also
Ticket purchase straight to the clubcard (paperfree stadium)
Discount for the purchases in DAC store and on
Exclusive actions, special events for the clubcard holders

Further informations:
➡️ With own name
➡️ Still assignable
➡️ One design – for 5 years (can be prolonged after aech season)
➡️ In case of season tickets the holder's place can be found on the back side of the card.
➡️At postulation, registration form fill is needed

The clubcard can be requested for every physical or legal person. One person can hold only one clubcard. If you have any questions or observations, please contact us on clubcard [at] email address! After the clubcard purchase we will send you a voucher with a unique code via email. The online ticket purchase is possible with the code on the voucher, which deactivates itself after the taking out of clubcard.

ATTENTION! You can get your clubcard at the cash-desks of MOL Arena and at the DAC store. The clubcard cannot be accessed via post.

DAC went through significant changes during the past 5 years. The new home of the club, the MOL Arena was built and also the MOL Football Academy, which is incomparable in every aspect. Last year - after 25 years - our adult team returned to the European cup scene, which was repated also this year owing to the historical second place. We played only once 2 times in a row in European cups in 1987 and in 1988.

Now we can bring an another good news to the fans, as we got to the next level of our development: the first clubcard in the history of DAC was released!

Besides the fact, that the owner can prove his loyalty and passion in another way towards to DAC, he can also enjoy significant advantages.One team, one family, one club and egy vérből valók vagyunk! We can prove this now -with a card, which simplifies the cooperation of the club and the fan.

Hajrá DAC!